Rainy day brunch

After the workout I satisfied my tired muscles with a mug of warm chocolate milk and some jazz music. Somehow this seemed fitting for a rainy day like today.

After that I made what I consider to be my new favorite omlette.


Asparagus, pesto, provolone omlette

2 eggs
Butter for the pan
1 slice of provolone cheese
5 stalks of asparagus
1 tbsp of pesto sauce

Boil water and chop the asparagus into 1/4 inch chunks. After the water is boiling add salt and the asparagus chunks for about a minute or until they start to becone a brighter green. Drain and put aside.
Grease a pan with butter or margarine and warm to medium eat. Beat together 2 extra large eggs and add them to the pan. Allow the eggs to cook and be sure to evenly distribute throughout the pan. After they start to firm up top with provolone cheese and the aspargus. Then fold the omlette over and give it about 90 seconds on both sides. To serve spread pesto on top and enjoy while its hot.

Calories: about 450


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