Urban running


Last night my best friend called me and asked me to run a 5K with her in a few weeks. My initial reaction to this was helllll no.

My secondary reaction was like well fine. So I went over to the gym expecting to take a leisurely jog around the indoor track. However after a day long of last minute final studying, I found out that the gym had long been closed. I was too late.

I thought about giving up. I thought about heading over to qudoba and treating myself to a vegetarian taco salad but no. Because exactly two miles away from where I was standing stood the most recognizable building in philadelphia, city hall. And off I went. Running at night in the city alone is not something I am really “supposed” to be doing. But it was the most beautiful and stress relieving thing I had accomplished in awhile. City running may occasionally set off my asthma, but really the excitement and beauty of it is enough to make stuffing an inhaler in my sports bra worth it.


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