Let’s Give This a Try

Me in my hometown... Detroit, Michigan.

Being broke, out of shape, tired, and full of what feels like pounds and pounds of munchie satisfying food, I think I need a way to pull myself together. This is why I am starting this blog. As a way to feel as though other people are going to be looking at what I do to stay sane and hopefully with that knowledge I will follow through. So thank you in advance.


My name is Shannon. I love biology. I am a vegetarian and I love to experiment with food. I am a health nut. I have only recently started to like exercise. I am a college sophomore. Biology major. Public health minor. When I grow up I want to be an epidemiologist. My boyfriend’s name is Mike. We have been together for 8 months as of yesterday. From now on my life is going to be tracked and translated into this blog…


starting tomorrow.