Control freak yogurt

When buying a flavor of yogurt you put a lot of faith into the company of choice. It is up to them to satisfy your appetite and your tastebuds, creating the most ideal ratio of fruit to dairy. But for control freaks like me I can’t handle putting so much into the hands of a major company. Hence… Fruit on the bottom


Now you mix it yourself, having the option to mix as much fruity sweetness into your yogurt as you want. But there is one flaw with this…. What they give you is never enough


And when it comes to dragonfruit flavor… There is no such thing as enough.


Hungover and hypoglycemic

Waking up on a saturday is never easy, especially when you have a day of studying ahead and a pounding headache. Today I woke up to a phone call for a job interview. Gave me a push of optimism that one day I will be able to afford real ingredients…. The good life.

So after a spongebob squarepants episode worth of calisthenics, it was time to give my stomach something to keep it occupied.

My breakfast:

Egg, tomato, provolone cheese melt


Using a tomato slice instead of a bagel to put my egg on top was absolutely delicious. Gave it more flavor and texture while completely cutting out carbs. I also loaded it with black pepper as an extra metabolism boost and kept the yolk runny. Just for fun ūüôā


Just what you need the day after… Fat, grease, and protein. Just don’t forget the green tea!

Now study time until I finally get to see my one true love later tonight… J Cole.

Vegify It! Low-cal pasta

The problem that most people have with losing weight is typically the same old one, portion control. It seems impossible not to eat an entire bowl of pasta and then want seconds. In response most people try to reduce the portion of what they are eating, leaving themselves feeling deprived. However, now begins a new revalation in portion size.

In order to fill you up you need to add volume, not take it away. Vegetables are the perfect way to acheive this. So take your food and vegify it.

One Pot Pesto Pasta Vegified


Whole wheat spaghetti

1 Asparagus bunch

2 cups of cabbage

1 can of artichoke heart

pesto sauce or sauce of choice

(optional garlic, onion, mushrooms… I would have sauteed these ingredients and added them at the end¬†it if I had made it to the store. Oh, well. Either way is delicious!)

Start by boiling the water.

Chop off the tough parts of the asparagus stalks and slice them into about 1/2 inch pieces diagonally.

Add the whole wheat pasta and cabbage and let cook for around 5-6 minutes.

Throw in the asparagus and cook until pasta and cabbage are tender.

Drain and stir in artichoke hearts (also drained) and about 1/4 cup of pesto sauce (depending on how much pasta you added).

If you made other veggies to go with it, add them and enjoy!!

I love this recipe because it has so much interesting texture. The cabbage kind of acts like an extension of the pasta because of its shape and its ability to absorb sauce and take on its flavor. The asparagus and artichoke hearts are two of my favorite vegetables and go AMAZING with pasta and pesto sauce. Really though when it comes to vegifying there are no rules but to do it up and do not fear the green.

My Yoga Future

So, today while I was in the cafe I happened to run into my favorite student yoga teacher. I started up a conversation with her asking about how she got her certification and that led me to sign up for a weekend long certification class that begins at the end of May. I immediately applied for a yoga teacher job as well at my school’s gym. Instructor certified here I come????

This being said my workout today was a simple yoga routine.

It was the best way to calm my pre-final nerves and end the last week of the semester on a mindful note.

To end my yoga workout I needed a quick energy snack…

I decided on half a bagel with peanutbutter and banana, half with honey and banana and loaded them both up with cinnamon on top. Just what I needed.

Irish salad. Shaken not stirred.

When you live in a dorm you dont have the time or the required amount of clean silverware to toss your salads. Thats where tubberware comes in.


I called today’s salad an irish salad because the base is cabbage. Also included are bean sprouts, black beans and craisins. Topped off with some balsamic dressing. Today, I’m taking this one to go.

Simple hummus sandwich


Since my breakfast was pretty hardy I decided to make lunch a little more light. So I made my favorite sandwich. It even looks healthy.

My favorite vegan sandwich

Everything bagel thin toasted
Layers of tomato, bean sprouts, and cucumbers
(If you have avacados… Throw that on there!)

Rainy day brunch

After the workout I satisfied my tired muscles with a mug of warm chocolate milk and some jazz music. Somehow this seemed fitting for a rainy day like today.

After that I made what I consider to be my new favorite omlette.


Asparagus, pesto, provolone omlette

2 eggs
Butter for the pan
1 slice of provolone cheese
5 stalks of asparagus
1 tbsp of pesto sauce

Boil water and chop the asparagus into 1/4 inch chunks. After the water is boiling add salt and the asparagus chunks for about a minute or until they start to becone a brighter green. Drain and put aside.
Grease a pan with butter or margarine and warm to medium eat. Beat together 2 extra large eggs and add them to the pan. Allow the eggs to cook and be sure to evenly distribute throughout the pan. After they start to firm up top with provolone cheese and the aspargus. Then fold the omlette over and give it about 90 seconds on both sides. To serve spread pesto on top and enjoy while its hot.

Calories: about 450