Chopticks and Cafes

Atmosphere is everything. Studying in the dorm is unfriendly, lonely, and way too quiet. That’s why I came to the barnes and noble cafe. Even though it is filled with crazy people singing hall and oates and the temptations of cakes and frappacinos, it is my favorite place to do work…
And eat of course.


But it is not just where you eat but how you do it. Drinking normal coffee and eating normal salad is just not for me… This is why I always bring my own temple university coffee cup, add cinnamon and mocha powder to my eco-friendly drink, and most importantly eat my salad with chopsticks.

Everyone knows eating is about style not just content. Especially in public. Using chopsticks are not only the ultimate in cool but allow you to prove your cross-cultural skills. Chopsticks enhance the eating experience making it more fun and more unique. They make every bite count and most importantly, chopsticks are a useful way to force yourself to slow down and take life one craisin at a time.


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